Optimization tools: Image, CSS and JavaScript

Here is a bief overview of tools to keep your website as spotless and clean as possible. These tools are presented in three categories: Image, CSS and JavaScript optimization

Image Optimization

I won’t go into too much detail on how to do this because I wrote a great post two years ago with thedetails on web graphic optimization.  What I will say is this is a huge area of savings that many people do not utilize.

CSS & JavaScript Optimization

CSS and JavaScript kind of fall into the same bucket for optimization because a lot of tools do both of these really well.  I don’t have a ton of experience with these tools, but after doing some research I did find a few worth mentioning.

Google Speed Tools – Before getting into a few specific tools that I found you should definitely check out the list of tools and resources Google has put together it their hope to speed up the web.

JavaScript Optimizer – This open source tool allows you to easily manage your JavaScript and CSS resources by merging, minimizing, refractoring and anything else it can find to reduce the file size.

CSSOptimiser.com – This free web tool will optimize a file or code that you copy and paste into it.

JavaScriptCompressor.com – Very similar to the CSS optimizer this one will also allow you to copy code into the browser and give you back a compressed version.

HTML & CSS Validation Tools

Web Developer Tools Website Optimization: The Why and How (Part II)

Another important aspect of good clean web living is making sure that your code doesn’t have errors in it and renders properly.  These two tools are both standard in the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox (just look under the Tools tab as the picture to the right shows).

W3C HTML Validation Service

W3C CSS Validation Service

Valid code might not provide as much speed benefits as compressed files, but it will most definitely affect the user experience.  Valid code will render in any web browser, and it ensures a good user experience.  Also, it hasn’t been proven that this has an effect on web crawlers’ ability to index a website, so I can’t see how it would hurt anything.


Source: http://doteduguru.com/id5350-tools-optimize-website-for-speed-validation.html

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