Before even thinking about conversion optimization, you need a good value proposition.

Value proposition is the heart of your business. Before even thinking of better converting customers, make sure you have a pertinent and competitive value proposition. That is the first thing the visitor will check. So make sure it is the first thing he sees on his landing page.


Create a Unique Value Proposition

Ask the Right Questions to Create Your Unique Value Proposition

Quick! Tell me in fifteen words or less what makes your company unique and why I should buy from you instead of your competition! Can you do it? If you’re having trouble, you need to work on your unique value proposition.

Creating a unique value proposition will improve your marketing strategy by zeroing in on what makes your company special, showing you what elements you should capitalize on to draw people in, and putting a driving force behind your day-in and day-out operations.

Pinpointing what makes your company unique also gives you a reason to keep it unique—and a reason for your customers to keep shopping with you. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three essential elements for your unique value proposition.

If I am your ideal customer, why should I do business with you?

I first heard this question in a webinar presented by Marketing Experiments. If you can answer this question, you have the essence of your unique value proposition.

Your answer needs to avoid generalizations such as “great customer service” that could be said about any reputable company. Instead focus on specific elements of the way you do business that your target market have identified as the things that make you stick out from your competition.

How can you express that difference concisely?

As you work toward creating a unique value proposition, you should express you company difference as concisely as possible.

If your UVP is long and cumbersome, it will be difficult for your employees to digest its message and incorporate it into the way they approach their work each day.

Bite-sized UVPs can be more easily assimilated and will be more likely to make an actual difference in the way your company works.

Will Your Unique Value Proposition Still Be True in the Future?

An effective unique value proposition should allow room for changes such as new technology, new products, and actions by your competitors. While you may need to tweak your UVP in a year or five years, you shouldn’t have to completely revamp it due to its being outdated.

Aim toward creating a unique value proposition that is broad enough to encompass company growth and change, but specific enough to make a difference in daily operations.

Creating a unique value proposition should be the first step you take as you’re getting a new business off the ground. If you’ve been in business for a while and you still can’t articulate your UVP, take some time to nail down the unique aspects of your company that will give people a reason to shop with you. It may make the difference between staying in business and yielding to the competition.

To get an independent opinion about your website’s value proposition click on the Free Idea and in the comments section ask us to look at your value proposition.


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